Their media once again...

Dear Blood and Honour Hellas,

this is a request for an interview in April 2018 with members of your organization.The planned report is produced and the interview is conducted by redfish, a subsidiary of Ruptly and therefore part of the RT - Russia Today network. Our plan is to make a story about the right wing scene in Greece, as part of a series of videos about the right wing universe in Europe. We are contacting during this week different possible participants, experts and personalities and are planning to come next week to Greece for the film shootings. The basic idea is to make a portrait of the right wing universe in general (history, activities, main actors) in in Greece. This plan depends on the possible answers we will receive in the next days.

For this we would like to arrange interviews with members of your group. We could send you also concrete ideas in the next days, but we are really interested also in the history of the indepentet right wing scene and your actions. Off-course anonymized interviews are possible.

I hope this email gives a first impression of the interviews that we would like to conduct with you. We hope for a quick response in order to proceed with the planing.

kind regards,

Alex Vitalis
redfish GmbH

avitalis@redfish.media mailto:hdogru@redfish.media


Kind Regards,

Alex Vitalis
redfish GmbH



not any interest from us to democratic media.....sorry.