Blood & Honour Hungary


We would like to ask for the Blood&Honour brotherhood’s help. We have set up a web shop under the name of HUN28, which could work according to the Hungarian rules and regulations to distribute articles of clothing and music that represent Ian Stuart’s principles or are close to those. When setting up this business we expected attacks both internal and external however, we could have never imagined that they would start so suddenly. This letter was written 12th Apr. 2016. and ANTIFA had already attacked our facebook site and all channels through which we could lay the foundation of our business down are being closed one by one. That is why we need your help. Advertisements might help:

Webshop:  www.28hungary.hu

Facebook site:  www.facebook.com/webshophun28

Twitter site:  www.twitter.com/hun28webshop

VK site:  www.vk.com/hun28webshop

Contact: http://28hungary.hu/index.php?route=information/contact

Please spread the news on all forums, we desperately need the collaboration of the brotherhood for the successful operation.

If you take a look at our selection and you find something of interest, please write us and we will send you a special offer.

It also helps us to extend our selection if you could send  us T-shirts or CDs.

Please think over your possibilities.

We kindly ask you to tell us your opinion about the shop, positive and negative feedbacks are all important to us.

Our reference is the Blood&Honour Hungary, the local division established in 1998.

We are looking forward to your answer!