No Surrender

Never demo 2003
Hail The Year Zero 2004
Hellenic-Ukrainian Friendship 2004

No Meaning - 'Πολίτες Σε Αποσύνθεση'


B&H Hellas Vol.1


Boiling Blood

Righteous Legions 2001
Praise The Fallen 2007

Razorblade Nightmare

40 Years

Cause Of Honour

Cause Of Honour were one of the first active Nationalist skinhead bands in Hellas with recorded material. The band was coming from Kalithea and they started in December of 1990. Their first line up was: Dimitris-vocals, Stefanos-bass, Kostas-guitar (the founder of band's name, later play the bass), Tasos-drums but they have many line-up changes before they split up in 1997-'98. They recorded some tracks with drummer and some with drum-machine. They had released two demos (the first in 1991 and second around 1995) without any cover or officially, just hand-to-hand tapes. A cover song also of Beatles 'Get Back' with lyrics against immigrants! The songs 'Working Class Awake' and 'Ticket To Hell' were included also in the Nordisc Record compilation, 'We Will Never Die' Vol.2 in 1998 with permission of one member of the band but the band had already split up. They played some gigs with most famous this one in 1993 in a club in Athens, with casual and skinhead comrades attending. The first version of 'North Epirus' song taken from the first ever nationalist band in my country, The Last Patriots (play for short time in 1987) and Markos played with them before join around 1993 C.O.H. In 2012 Markos on guitar, his 10 years son on bass and with vocalist of No Surrender re-recorded old songs and released them. The band continues with 2 new songs on B&H Hellas Vol.2. Today, after trying some new vocalists, Markos still wrote more material with his two sons on bass/vocals and drums.

2012 mini cd


Defamation were a R.A.C band from second big city of my country, Thessaloniki and they were formed in February of 2004. True powerful street rock 'n' roll / Oi! band with many songs and some live appearances, also the first NS Hellenic band with a skingirl in their line-up. But all the good ones stop when good mens leave. Our friend & comrade Marinos leave us very early after a car accident and Defamation disappear. You can download here one of their practice included 17 songs (all what they did) and you can download 28 Hellas Vol.1 with the only 5 professional songs of the band.

MARINOS 23/2/1971 - 1/5/2005