No Surrender

No Surrender, Oi!/R.A.C band from Athens-Hellas formed in August of 2002.

2003 Never demo (self release)
2004 Hail The Year Zero mini cd (Musique & Tradition Label)
2004 Loud Proud & White No Surrender Live (self release)
2005 Hellenic - Ukrainian Friendship split cd with Sokyra Peruna, White’s Load, Bannerwar (Patriot Records)
2005 B&H Hellas Vol.1 split cd with Th.Re.At, Defamation (B&H Hellas)
2006 United In Anger full cd (B&H Hellas)
2008 Guns For Glory mini cd (self release as Survival Records)
2011 Victory Loves Preparation full cd (Homo Superior Label)
2013 Systems Fodder full cd (Homo Superior Label)
2013 Rejected, Angry & Free full cd (Moloko Plus Versand)
2015 Support Golden Dawn split cd with Empire Falls, You Must Murder (Front Records)
2016 Spanish - Hellenic Blitzkrieg split cd with Arjuna (PC Records)

2003 Hellas Attack (Antepithesi magazine) 1 song
2004 NADSAT (Nadsat skin magazine) 1 song
2005 European Sons of Glory (PC Records) 1 song
2007 Hellas Skins (B&H Hellas) 2 songs
2011 Freedom (Hammerfall Productions) 1 song
2012 B&H Hellas Vol.2 (Homo Superior) 3 songs
2014 Day Of The Rope VI (Strong Survive)

8-8-2003 with Boiling Blood, Brigade M
25-10-2003 with Oliki Katharsi, Boiling Blood
25-3-2004 with Oliki Katharsi, Threat
5-6-2004 with Defamation, Threat
25-9-2004 with Hobbit, Defamation, Threat, Oliki Katharsi
23-10-2004 with Threat, Der Sturmer
9-7-2005 with Odio, Threat, Eglimaties Polemou, Koi!mpresser
22-10-2005 with Eglimaties Polemou
28-1-2006 with Les Vilains, Last Attack
23-9-2006 with Threat, ChaoSS Hellas
10-3-2007 with Civico 88, Koi!mpresser
21-12-2013 with Ouden Oida, Battle Dogs
31-5-2014 with Battle Dogs
18-10-2014 with Battle Dogs, Mistreat

Never demo 2003
Hail The Year Zero 2004
Hellenic-Ukrainian Friendship 2004
Victory Loves Preparation 2011
Systems Fodder 2013