Made In Hellas

Around 1983 appeared many Skinheads coming up to 80-100 mostly in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki. They will be the first generation of Hellenes skinheads and follow up two more waves (we mean a mass appearance or a form that was well know and make something), during '88-'93 and during '95 until today. Unfortunately the first wave will not create any organization, zine or any other action. First skins insert in street battle mostly against reds, as immigrants were very few then, with events like in June of '89 when a gang of these skins attacked in a live concert of foreign Negro band Public Enemy. In the end of ’80 beginning of ‘90’s the second wave of skins together with few old ones will released the first skinzine and they take part in many political demonstrations mostly of EPEN. First bands appeared: The Last Patriots, Rock & Roll Rebels (give the first R.A.C gig in 1987), Cause Of Honour and Hellrise. Some others bands without any recording were: Skinhead Warrior, Aryan Resistance, Stormbringer, Southrise.

During the 80’s is created N.O.P.O. (Nazi Organization of Panathinaikos Fans) and were not only skinheads but also metalheads, Rockabillies, Nazi Punks and Casuals, all ultra hooligans and the many riots that they caused, forced the owner of Panathinaikos to send some of them in jail. Feature fact, about 1989, it was in a friendly football game with England where Hellenes fans put a big placard with 'Neo-Nazi' slogan. English fans then, they rise their right hands when they listen their national anthem. Some individuals-fans of other teams tried all these years and still try to pass our ideas through football with nationalist placards and clubs, like Ιeroloxites, fans of A.P.O.E.L in Cyprus and others.

Mostly from end of '90's beginning of 2000 new R.A.C bands born: Total Cleansing, Boiling Blood, Μahen, No Surrender, War Criminals, Defamation, ChaoSS Hellas, Pride & Pain, Pogrom, White Pride Rockers, Legion Hellas, Th.Re.At, Koi!mpresser, Stavroforia, SergeantOi!, Filopatria, Skaste, Iron Youth, Stosstrupp, Sturmtroops, Hellrise, Molotov Pact, Razorblade Nightmare, No Meaning, Hellgrinder, Dead Andrews, Red Lock, ChaoSS Hellas, Straightline, Battle Dogs, Hellenic Stompers, AmetanoitOi!, Via, Ouden Ida, Midland Rippers, Social Defeat, White Demons.

Some Hellenic skinhead fanzines was: Skinzine, The Elite, White Revolution, Gammadion, White Sound, Aryan Nation, Oi! The Hate, White Pride, NS Violence and last B&H Hellas magazine, the most stable voice of ns skinheads.